Process AI

AI-Powered Process Management

Added by Kashish 8 months ago

About the product

Process Street’s AI-powered process platform serves as a single source for teams to manage all recurring work, including workflows, knowledge, data, forms, and surveys. Additionally, customers can generate workflows, policies, procedures, emails, and Slack messages on demand, which solves a key obstacle for those who find it difficult to carve out time to build these resources.

Founded in 2014, Process Street has helped thousands of companies, including Salesforce, MIT and Colliers. Along the way the startup has secured funding from renowned investors such as Accel, Salesforce Ventures, and Atlassian Ventures, and has grown to become a critical tool for compliance and process-driven teams across HR, Finance, and Real Estate sectors.

Process Street is now excited to announce the next evolution of its product from a workflow management tool to an AI-powered process platform.

AI will allow our non-technical customers to perform advanced automations, math equations, text formatting, location routing, translation, summarization, sentiment analysis and a myriad of other business tasks.

Process AI takes no-code to a whole new level, enabling our non-technical users to design sophisticated workflows and create advanced automations that would’ve previously required an engineering team and can compress hundreds of “if this then that” rules into a single prompt.



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