Discord Market

Create a trade virtual currencies in Discord !

Added by Teln0 3 years ago

About the product

Discord Market is a bot for creating, trading and moderating currencies.

How does it differ from the average currency bot ? Well, here, currencies are shared and can be traded between servers. So more popular servers' currencies will be worth more than currencies made my small ones. Or if a currency is more rare, it will be worth more than other currencies.

The average use case would be :

  • Administrators of a server create a currency for their server.
  • They will then create, "print" some of their currency and give it as a reward to active members.
  • They will also offer perks in exchange of that currency, to give it some actual value.
  • Members will then buy perks, trade this currency for other currencies sold on the market, or send gifts to other members.

Features I will add in the future :

  • A "stocks" system : server owners will be able to "sell" parts of their server on the market. More popular servers' parts will get more demand and will have a higher value.
  • Rewards : automate the process of selling rewards for currency (kind of like automated shops)

Support discord server : https://discord.gg/F4nFwY9 (go here if you want to invite the bot to your server).


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