Find Founders at FNDRhub A collective display of unconventional small businesses (Soft Launch Phase)

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About the product

FNDRhub is a collective display of unconventional small businesses. I developed FNDRhub after I discovered so many unique and fun businesses while scrolling through the #smallbusinesscheck page on TikTok – from resin ash trays & combs to personalized chip bags & cereal boxes. Even after I followed these businesses’ accounts, it was difficult to navigate back to the initial video I saw when I wanted to show my friends.

I thought about how convenient it’d be to have all these brands displayed in one place to browse through. I looked at a lot of different existing platforms, but they were congested with businesses that were selling similar – if not identical – products. I wanted to create a platform that offered a more immersive browsing process, similar to what I experienced on TikTok – you never know what you’ll find next. And thus, FNDRhub was born.

The brands are listed on our hub and consumers are redirected to their respective website and social media accounts. All sales take place directly on the vendor's site – our goal is to connect consumers with these brands, ultimately helping them increase their market reach and exposure.

FNDRhub is here to introduce you to brands you wouldn’t have stumbled across on your own.

Actively recruiting small businesses & brands for our launch!


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