How Helpful Barcodes in Medication Administration System

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In healthcare centers, the use of medications is very sensitive and vulnerable to human errors such as exhaustion, workload, carelessness, lack of experience and concentration, etc. These errors cause serious harm to the patients and put their lives at risk. So, to resolve all these errors, there is a need for an advanced medication management system in the healthcare centers and for this Barcode Medication Administration System is introduced. Barcodes are very helpful for pharmaceutical centers. It prevents unnecessary medication errors and establishes a patient safety environment.

Introduction to Barcode Medication Administration System Bar Code Medication Administration is an advanced system that lowers the possibility of manual mistakes in the delivery of medications by labeling them through barcodes. It validates medications through a computer system to ensure that patients are getting the appropriate medicines at the correct intervals. In 1995, the Colmery-O'Neil Veteran medical institution created the Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA) system. A nurse Glenna Sue Kinnick came up with the concept after being inspired by barcodes in the automobile rental system. Barcodes are used by BCMA on medications, patients’ wristbands, medical devices, and equipment. The implementation of barcode medicine delivery results in an error reduction of 40 to 70% in medical administration. The BCMA and e-MAR system's main objective is to ensure that the right patient receives the right medications to preserve the five rights of medication administration. The Five Rights of Barcode Medication Administration:

  1. The Right Patient
  2. The Right Medication
  3. The Right Time
  4. The Right Dosage
  5. The Right Route of Delivery

How does Barcode Medication Administration System Works There is a requirement of a total of five things to set up a complete Barcode Administration System that is – a computer/laptop, a server, software, a barcode scanner, and a barcode printer. The details of the patient’s medicines are stored in their computer system and delivered to the medical staff. A nurse read the barcode attached to the patient’s wristband with the help of a barcode scanner before giving the medications. This band contains all required patient information, including personal information and received treatment. The patient can receive the correct medications if the system matches with the prescription. This cross-checking helps in the verification of patient records and ensures proper medicine administration.

Need for Barcodes in Medication Administration System Barcodes are needed in the medical administration system to ensure the accurate treatment of the patients. There are some following points that describe the requirement of barcodes in medication-

  1. Giving medication to the right patient There is a possibility that the nurse gives the medication to the wrong patient due to some mistakes. With the patient’s wristband barcodes, they ensure the patient's details and their respective medications.
  2. Avoid Medication Misreads Sometimes, the chemist misreads the medicine names and the wrong medicine is delivered to the patients. By scanning the barcode labels of patient wristbands and medications, correct medicines can be easily identified.
  3. Proper Medicine Dosage Sometimes, it also happens the nurse gives the incorrect dosage to the patient due to lack of concentration. With the barcodes, she can obtain the accurate dosage information of the medications by scanning the label present on them.

Benefits of Barcodes Medication Administration System Alert Notifications With the barcodes, it is simple to keep track of the patient’s medical history. The system can rapidly notify of allergic reactions if occurs in a patient through medications. Additionally, the nurses can be notified of missed doses and medicine expiration dates. Enhance Patient Safety Due to some medical mistakes, the patient's treatment may take a long time and his life may also be in danger. Barcode Medication Systems can improve patient safety by providing accurate and fast medical treatment to them. Improve Work Performance Healthcare professionals can do better care of patients and manage their precious time more efficiently rather than worrying about prescription mistakes. This will improve their work performance which results in better efficiency. Better Medication Inventory Management BCMA can be designed to make audit reports and data in order to alert possible inventory requirements. Just like every other sector, barcodes can be used in hospitals to manage inventories and assets in a better way.



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