Starto - Startup Email Bundle

Complete email design solution for a Startup

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About the product

Starto - Startup Email Bundle

Complete email design solution for a Startup

Starto has all the email templates that a startup needs. It has 70+ email that looks great in all email client & on any device. It includes an advanced editor that allows you to quickly edit the email to match your brand's style & export it to your chosen ESP.

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We are thrilled to be launching Starto - Startup Email Bundle with the amazing community here. Starto - Complete email template design solution for a Startup.

Every business requires emails to engage with its customers. It does not matter if the business is small or big. Either it is an old business or just a new startup. Business needs a lot of emails, starting from welcome to transaction emails. There are many free email templates available on the internet. The problem with free templates is that they all look different and don't match your brand's design. Whenever you want to send a new email to your subscribers, you look for resources from various sources. It takes a lot of time and still not get what you want to achieve. Designing emails from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. We have developed Starto - Startup Email Bundle to solve all these problems.

We have researched different emails required by the businesses. Based on the research, we have designed around 70+ email templates that cover almost all the different needs of businesses. Starto has email for all occasions whether you are launching a new product or you need transaction-related emails. Starto email has been categorized into 9 categories that cover all the requirements of a Startup.

Starto comes with an advanced Maool Email Editor that makes customizing email easy. You can create many more emails with your creativity and Maool Email Editor's advanced features. You can easily match the email to your brand design by customizing using Maool Editor. Exporting email to your favorite Email Service Provider is very easy with Maool's one-click export feature.

Maool Email Editor is a simple email editor with key advanced features. It has all the features needed to create a visually appealing email. Export emails to your preferred ESP with a single click and take your campaign to the next level. Create emails in less than no time without coding. Creating emails with Maool Email Editor is a lot of fun.

Starto - Startup Email Bundle

  1. Advanced drag and drop email editor
  2. 70+ pre-built email templates.
  3. 150+ reusable modules.
  4. Fully responsive and retina ready
  5. Free premium support.
  6. Fully tested on real devices.

70+ email templates as follows. 10 Promotion Emails 10 Announcement Emails 03 Event Emails 04 Welcome Emails 03 Milestone Emails 09 Newsletter Emails 08 Subscription Emails 08 Transaction Emails 18 Notification Emails

You can use Starto Email Bundle by purchasing any of the premium Maool Email Editor Plans. Starto Email Bundle is one of the premium email bundles from Maool. When you buy any of the premium plans of Maool Email Editor you get access to all premium email bundles including the Starto.

Since you've come this far, here's a treat for you. For the first 100 users, we are currently offering a 20% discount on all plans. When checking out, enter the code STARTO20.

Please share your thoughts and questions! We welcome any feedback or suggestions, and we enjoy fulfilling user requests. We've only just begun. We are constantly striving to improve, and your feedback has a significant impact.

Big Thank You And ❤ from Team Maool




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