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?Product Hunt for YouTube channels(Crowdsourced recommendations?)

Added by Vincent Lam 3 years ago

About the product

Hi Vincent here. I love watching YouTube. The problem with YouTube however is that it suggests content based on my history, which is great sometimes but other time it keeps me in an isolated environment where I don't discover new interesting content

On the other hand, serious content creators have a hard time gaining momentum for their channels. So I wonder, what if there is a crowdsourced platform to discover YouTube channels and help serious content creators get traction in a short amount of time? Extensions like Netflix party has over 20M downloads, if a fraction of the people was exposed to these channels, the channels can potentially gain a huge number of subscribers!

Thats when i started building Tube Hunt(12 days ago). It currently features a browser extension that injects community submitted channels to your YouTube homepage.

You can clap(like) for channels and these channels will be shown first to other users.

We are working on the next iteration of the browser extension and will have user authentication and clap currency(limited claps per day and leveling up for more claps per day).

We would love your feedback and you can reach us at our subreddit.


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