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100% free AI background removal tool

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About the product

Remove Bg is a 100% free AI image cutout tool that supports removing backgrounds from images of people, products, animals, cars, and logos.

Product Features and Advantages

Dual Model Operation for Cutouts

Each time a cutout is performed, two different models are used simultaneously. This allows for the selection of the best result for download after the cutout is completed.

High-Quality Output

Maintains the integrity and quality of the foreground subject, producing professional-level results, with support for free original image downloads.

Supports Multiple Formats

Compatible with popular image formats including JPG and PNG.

Application Scenarios

Remove Bg is suitable for a variety of use cases:

  • Product photography: Ideal for e-commerce, allowing sellers to showcase their products against a clean, distraction-free background.
  • Portrait photos: Enhances portrait photos by separating the subject from cluttered or unwanted backgrounds.
  • Design projects: Assists in creating composite images, marketing materials, and other design elements.
  • Social media content: Perfect for creating engaging posts, profile pictures, and other visual content for social media.

User Guide

  1. Upload an Image: Open Remove Bg in your browser and click the "Upload Image" button, then select the image you want to cut out.
  2. Wait for the Background Removal Result: After selecting an image, the site will use the UNIVERSAL-1 and UNIVERSAL-2 models to complete the background removal online, with no complex operations or expert knowledge required.
  3. Save the Background Removal Result: After the background removal is complete, you can click the "Download" button to save the cutout photo to your computer.


100% Free.



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