Automated Transcription Service with Human Accuracy

Added by robgehring 2 years ago

About the product

SpeechText.AI is the first multilingual and industry-specific transcription service that can transcribe audio/video with close to human accuracy. Our speech recognition models were trained on domain-specific language data to better understand domain terms. SpeechText.AI transcription service can accurately transcribe conference calls, interviews, podcasts, lectures, and meeting records in more than 30 different languages and dialects. Our award-winning speech recognition technology achieves a word error rate of 3.8% on the open source LibriSpeech dataset (~1000 hours of clear English speech). SpeechText.AI's speech recognition technology is now almost as accurate as human transcriptionists. Please feel free to create a trial account https://speechtext.ai to see how it works. We will be looking forward to your feedback and questions in the comments about SpeechText AI.


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