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About the product

Sora Build is an online website that allows you to search for OpenAI Sora videos. It is constantly adding new Sora videos every day, with over 220 videos already cataloged. The site supports fuzzy searching of Sora prompts to find Sora videos. In the future, it will also support using OpenAI Sora online. If you are interested in viewing the effects of OpenAI Sora video generation or are looking for OpenAI Sora video prompts, this site will very much meet your needs.

Product Features and Advantages

OpenAI Sora FAQ

A complete introductory guide to OpenAI Sora has been compiled, offering a quick understanding of what OpenAI Sora is, its technological principles, use cases, and capabilities.

Massive Collection of OpenAI Sora Generated Videos

Most of the cataloged videos include prompts, and the videos can be directly downloaded to your device. Based on text instructions, Sora can create highly creative video content, such as "A Walk in Tokyo", "Woolly Mammoth", or "Astronaut with Gloves". Click on Sora Videos to quickly view the cataloged videos.

Online Use of OpenAI Sora

Sora Build will introduce the functionality of using OpenAI Sora online in the future.



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