Asksia - Get unlimited questions and answers for your high school and college courses!

Get unlimited questions and answers for your high school and college courses!

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About the product

Enhance your learning experience with our exclusive AI chatbot, designed to be more education-focused than ChatGPT and available 24/7 to boost your GPA.

Key Features of Asksia:

📘 Extensive Curriculum Coverage

  • Subjects Offered: US History, Psychology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Math, Statistics, Chemistry, World History, European History.

📸 Scan for Homework Solutions

  • Step-by-Step Solutions: Tackle complex problems with clear, detailed instructions.
  • Key Concepts: Deepen your understanding of essential concepts with thorough explanations.
  • Detailed Steps Showcase: Each question is broken down in detail, ensuring higher accuracy and understanding.
  • Diverse Practice: Engage with a variety of similar and follow-up questions to reinforce learning.

📊 Accurate, Visual Mathematical Models

  • Visualizations: Generate accurate visual representations of complex mathematical concepts for easier understanding.
  • Simplified Process: Upload the topic to receive visual aids without needing advanced technical skills.

🖥️ Expertise in Computer Science

  • Programming Languages: Java, Python, C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, Go, and more.
  • Dependencies: Understand how software components rely on each other.
  • Data Structures & Algorithms: Master building blocks and methods of efficient computing.
  • Machine Learning: Dive into algorithms, data models, and automation.
  • Computer Science Theory: Explore concepts like State Machines, Relational Algebra, and Proofs.

🔗 Precise and Automatic Video Linking

  • Video Assistance: Automatically links to the most relevant explanatory videos, verifying their availability to enhance understanding.

🎓 Subject Expert Guidance

  • Test Prep: Utilize AI-generated practice quizzes to identify areas needing improvement.
  • Professional Grading: Get detailed feedback from expert evaluations.

📜 Tap into History, Chart Your Future

  • Historical Insight: Gain deep insights from history to inform future decisions.
  • Knowledge Packs: Easily share and access personalized review materials.

🔬 Robust Repository of Real Exam Questions

  • Advanced AI Infrastructure: Benefit from state-of-the-art AI technology for fast and accurate answers.
  • Extensive Question Bank: Access over 300,000+ questions for comprehensive exam preparation.

🌐 Language Flexibility

  • Cross-Language Understanding: Read and comprehend materials in your preferred language to facilitate easier learning.



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