Mavy is your personal AI Executive Assistant that can help with all your work related tasks, from scheduling and calendar management to email drafting and beyond.

Added by Nimish 6 months ago

About the product

  • Let's say you're swamped with emails. Instead of manually typing out replies, you can let Mavy draft them for you, personalized and context-aware.
  • Integrating with other tools? Mavy can pull tasks, ensuring that everything's on your radar.
  • Scheduling - Whether you want to set up a meeting with a colleague or coordinate with an external client, a simple CC or a quick message to Mavy, and your scheduling woes are handled.
  • Want some focused time to strategize on a sales proposal? Just let Mavy know, and she'll carve out a slot, ensuring no interruptions.
  • She can seamlessly integrate with your apps. Whether you want to go through a knowledge base or execute specific tasks related to an app, Mavy can do it all.



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