On demmand development for startups and entrepreneurs

Added by Franco Marchessi 11 months ago

About the product

Ben Franklin used to say time is money. And that’s something we’ve realized during the past 5 years we’ve been coding both as professionally and and as a hobby. Specially if you are in a startup or saas you can’t afford to loose time. Nowadays you’ve got two options you either develop it yourself which might take time (or skills if you are a non technical founder) you don’t have or hire a software factory and deal with endless contracts , emails and underestimated delivery dates.

That’s why we decided to lunch an on demand development service (Right now just front-end) where you just submit your designs and will ship to you a fully functional react frontend / application for a fixed price in just 5 business days , no contracts , no commissions and you own 100% of the source code.

We believe that bringing your ideas to life should be an affordable and straight forward process


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