Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, open source.

Added by Guillaume 3 years ago

About the product

Mockoon is a desktop application, available on the 3 major OS, that allows you to easily and quickly mock multiple servers and Rest APIs.

It offers many features:

  • unlimited number of mock local servers and routes
  • complete control on routes definition: HTTP methods and statuses, regex paths, file serving, custom headers, etc.
  • OpenAPI compatibility (import and export)
  • Recording/logging of all entering and forwarded requests
  • JSON templating
  • proxy forwarding mode
  • HTTPS support

You can check the complete list of features on the website.



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This sounds really interesting. Will definitely be investigating over the weekend!

Primer commented 3 years ago
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Guillaume replied 3 years ago

Thanks :)
Feel free to ask if you have any question or feedback!