AI Text To Reels (Maker)

Convert Text Prompts into Engaging Reels for your business.

Added by Victor Abel 3 months ago

About the product

Description: AI Text to Reels Maker is a productivity tool that generates reels from text or content such as Facts, Statistics, Quizzes, Insights, and Educational about a topic. All reels include voice narration using advanced AI or a cloned version of your voice. With its autopilot mode, it facilitates the automatic creation and publication of reels on platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. Optionally, each reel can be human-reviewed before publishing. All reels include your business name and logo.

Features: #1 AI Script Generation: It creates reel scripts from various text prompts or categories like facts, statistics, trivia, insights, promotion, and others. #2 AI and Cloned Voice Narration: Choose between an AI-generated voice library or clone your voice for a unique touch. #3 Autopilot Mode for Reels Creation: Automate the creation and publishing process for your reels. #4 Auto-publishing on Social Media Platforms: Directly publish to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. #5 Branding Capability: Incorporate your brand name or logo into the reels. #6 Diverse Template Options: Select from a range of templates to fit your content style. #7 Simple User Interface: Easy-to-use design for all levels of users. #8 Performance Analytics: Access built-in tools to track and analyze the performance of your reels.



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