Extract and transform text the way you need it

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About the product

Manipulist extracts and transform text the way you need it.

Load input text. choose tools, transform text and export it.

It is made to make every web profesisonal more productive with text editing and manipulation.

Step 1 - Load Input To start, add text to be processed. This can be done by typing or pasting text on the textarea, or by uploading a file by clicking on the upload icon. You can clear the textarea by pressing the clear icon.

Step 2 - Choose tools On the sidebar, select the tool you want to apply. If a tool requires no input, the text will be transformed directly. If a tool requires input, the sidebar will display all required input fields. Fill the input fields and press the Apply button to transform the text.

You can return to the list of tools by clicking the sidebar header button . You can undo or redo the text transformation by clicking on the unde/redo icons. You can toggle the sidebar by clicking on the sidebar icon.

Step 3 - Export output You can export the current text by clicking on the export icon. A popup will appear where you can set the export file name. Click on one of the buttons under the file name input, to export in the desired format.

You can copy text to clipboard by clicking on the clipboard icon.

Pricing The Basic free version of Manipulist has limited features but unlimited output lines as the PRO version. Visit the pricing page for more info.

Availability Available also on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Mac App Store.




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