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About the product

WriteText.ai, a plugin specifically built for WordPress/WooCommerce, automates the production of product text and meta descriptions. It offers the versatility to construct text for individual products as well as in bulk. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress/WooCommerce, providing an intuitive experience for newcomers. WriteText.ai specializes in creating top-quality, SEO-optimized meta titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions and Open Graph texts. It features both 'WriteText.ai Single' and 'WriteText.ai Bulk' modes to maximize content creation efficacy. Additionally, it supports an unlimited number of users and web shop installations on each account.

WriteText.ai Single Beyond just choosing tone, style and target market, WriteText.ai equips writers with the further capability to undertake in-depth keyword analysis, select semantic keywords, and determine the appropriate attributes to be included in the text right from within WooCommerce, prior to the text generation. Subsequent to product familiarization and keyword analysis, it approximately requires 50 seconds to generate the complete text. Thereafter, the writer has the discretion to review the output before making it live on WooCommerce.

The 'WriteText.ai Single' mode ensures unified tone and style, integrates keywords for improved SEO rankings, and offers the adaptability to customize each product's content to cater to the specific needs of the target audience prior to publishing.

WriteText.ai Bulk For generating text for numerous products simultaneously, 'WriteText.ai Bulk' is an efficient feature that permits writers to choose multiple products and compile text for all in a single operation. Although this feature doesn't facilitate keyword analysis, semantic keyword selection, or individual choice of product attributes for each product (given that all the text is generated at once), it enforces the standard tone, style, and attributes across all the chosen products.

'WriteText.ai Bulk' is remarkably swift. Once the products to be included and their tone, style, and attributes have been delineated, it takes about 30 seconds to create the text for each product. 'WriteText.ai Bulk' is optimal when there is an instantaneous need for a substantial quantity of product text without the availability of time or the requirement for keyword analysis.

Features WriteText.ai allows for unlimited connections to e-commerce sites, no user limitations, and the direct transfer/publishing of text to WooCommerce. Users can select product attributes, tones, style, target audience, desired length, and set user roles to dictate who can generate, review, and publish text. There's a review history log, bulk transfer/publishing options, and the ability to add custom product details. Users can define their own unique tone and style, use a reference product for consistency, get AI-suggested target markets, and define their own custom target market. Text can be rewritten and keyword analysis is provided along with semantic keywords. It allows for tracking of keyword and semantic keyword density and offers support for multiple stores.

Disclaimer: WriteText.ai is an independent tool developed to work with WordPress/WooCommerce. It is not affiliated or endorsed by WordPress/WooCommerce.



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