Unlimited design for a flat monthly fee - Get your own personal graphic design team

Added by Roy 3 years ago

About the product is the most creative, on-demand unlimited graphic design platform for a flat monthly fee.

From (re)branding, logos to social media posts, ads, animations, print media, and much more. has made it cheaper and faster to achieve every kind of creative need for every kind of business. Founded in 2020, DotYeti is still a young company, but has the vision to make remote work accessible & affordable.

DotYeti found her roots from a result-driven digital agency. The founders experienced that their clients were more than ever in need of creatives, but the process of producing high-quality graphic design was expensive, slow, and inefficient. It was time to step up the game.

Our goal became to support and take over all the graphic design needs for SMEs, agencies, and other marketing teams. We developed the DotYeti platform to structure and automate the design flow. Moreover, we provide a personal, creative team to ensure high-quality designs that match the client's branding. This resulted in a highly efficient, yet simple way to produce any kind of graphic design. On top of all, able to keep the price very affordable.


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