The World's First AI App Developer

Added by William Störtebecker 3 weeks ago

About the product

Databutton is an AI app developer that builds the product you want on your behalf. You describe your app in natural language, images, and diagrams and Databutton generates the necessary React frontend and Python backend code. This is not only for an initial app generation, but the continuous working model.

Our platform is designed to empower you build fully custom SaaS apps that you can charge for. With Python as the backend, your app can connect to any API, model, or even do web scraping, utilizing complex data and logic. It's one-click to deploy and we support deployment to custom domains.

Our customers range from indie hackers with some coding know-how that want to launch a product idea in a week to domain experts (e.g. doctors, lawyers, marketers, and more) that previously worked with freelancers to bring their ideas to life.



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