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About the product

Bugpilot helps SaaS teams get rid of user-facing bugs faster.

With Bugpilot, Customer Support and Engineers get all the details they need to understand, troubleshoot, and fix bugs in seconds. Thanks to our AI-powered autopilot, even non-technical people can understand what's wrong.

  • Get the details without waiting Customer Support can instantly understand what's going on on the end users screen without asking any questions or waiting for them to respond; thanks to Bugpilot's Smart Session Recording, everyone in the team gets screen recordings and loads of technical details whenever a user starts a conversation with Customer support.

  • Understand what's wrong in seconds Everyone on the team can tell what’s wrong just by looking at a Bugpilot report for 5 seconds; our AI-powered autopilot highlights potential issues in the page and user’s environment; obscure problems caused by ad-blockers, slow internet connections, or cookies are a thing of the past.

  • Make your team more efficient Spend less time on bugs. Engineers can start fixing problems right away, with all the details nicely formatted in a standard bug report format. No single detail will ever be missing again: Engineers will save hours of conversation and cut the back-and-forth with end-users and customer support.



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