ODE is your sanctuary for safe, honest and self determined decision making.

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About the product

Pains (two years of research among 500 Millennials in cooperation with TIAS School for Business and Society, Wichita State University, HWR Berlin, Regent's University London, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Paris School of Business, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and EBC Hochschule): Sensible decisions challenge us in dealing with uncertainty, responsibility and the future. They cause delays, fatigue, psychological stress, arguments and discomfort. They affect us in our private lives, in the phase of education and in our professional life and certainly, have impact on society. Influenced decisions can lead to discrimination, gender inequality, salary differences, use of non-sustainable produced products, loss of motivation and money, and many more. Worse: They bring people into political power that do not care for others, but for themselves.

Solution: ODE - objectified decision engine - the Social Impact Start-up wants to accompany people on their way to make better informed, transparent, and stress-free decisions. The bottom-up approach uses "learning processes" to eliminate stressors and thus strengthens mental health. ODE offers space for the whole spectrum of decisions in private and professional life. The learned process thus also forms the basis for active participation in society (e.g., community participation).

Target Market: GenZ and Millennials / schools and universities - the initial phase will be mainly GenZ and Millennials, focusing on the decision within three main areas: (1) relations (friends, family, engagement etc.), (2) education (profession, apprenticeship, studies, study abroad, subjects, jobs, financing etc.) with the choice of the appropriate path (internship, dual training, studies, job, location...) and (3) entertainment (movies to watch, places to meet, vacations to spent etc.).

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