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Learn directly from the best teachers in the world. 🔥

Added by Utkarsh Apoorva 2 years ago

About the product

Most successful people share their playbooks on Twitter. No matter what you want to learn, their is a top-notch thread on the topic.

Finding the best teachers and their content is hard.

Twitter University solves this by curating the best teachers and their top threads in one place. Eg. "want to learn marketing? Follow these 5 accounts, read these 25 tweets, and get started."

Being curated actively. Do contribute.



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Here is the intro tweet -

The best creators also want an audience, and love to help people. Follow them, engage with them, and you can learn anything in the world.

Utkarsh Apoorva commented 2 years ago
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Primer replied 2 years ago

This is awesome! Thanks for adding 🤓