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About the product

Built to reduce the frictions within the different units of your team, our Design Data Platform will help you to collaborate, prototyping & uniformize your apps.

Here are the current main features of Gouache:

? Free to use We're currently in public beta; all our current features are free to use and will remain free to use.

⏳ Bypasses the regular development cycle With Gouache, anybody on your team will be able to test fixes, and prototype visual changes on your app, without having to go through the regular development cycle of your organization.

? Hot reload in production apps Whenever you’ll be making changes on your platform, you’ll be able to see it live-updating automatically, safely, and in any environment. Once ready, you’ll be able to safely push the changes to all of your users.

? Single source of truth By storing your different design tokens and building blocks, Gouache will become your team’s single source of truth.

?️ Structuring your data efficiently To help you store all your design data on Gouache, we’ve developed an intuitive file storage system that let you shape your data exactly how it makes the most sense for you and your team.

? Documentation anywhere you need With Gouache, you can add documentation almost anywhere you want. This will help your team to be on the same page along the journey.

?️ What’s next? We’re already working on the next features and we can’t wait to show you what you’ll be able to do with Gouache within the next months.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and we're excited to see what you'll build with Gouache.




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