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About the product

iTextMaster is a comprehensive PDF tool based on ChatGPT, which meets your fast reading needs while allowing you to easily engage in intelligent conversations with PDF documents. In addition, iTextMaster also supports online webpage summarization and chat, which can meet your diverse needs.

  1. Chat with PDF: After uploading the PDF file, wait for two seconds for iTextMaster to provide the summary content of the PDF document. For longer PDF documents, you can easily access key information without reading the entire content.
  2. Chat with Web: When browsing any page in the browser, iTextMaster provides shortcut buttons that can be clicked to quickly access important information and save valuable time.
  3. Intelligent recommendation: iTextMaster will recommend some books to users on the main page, which can help users quickly obtain book summaries and intelligently recommend the books you want to read.
  4. Accurate search: Searching for specific information in massive PDF documents is often frustrating, but ChatPDF can easily solve this problem. With the precise search function of ChatPDF, you only need to enter keywords to quickly locate the content you need. Make information search more efficient and accurate.



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