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We are a niche job board and community connecting top talent with forward-thinking companies at the forefront of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

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About the product

Our mission is to offer a cost-effective solution so companies can focus their spend on building innovative products and solutions. Focused on the Cloud Computing industry, our platform, coupled with strategic social media engagement, cultivates a unique audience. Unlike larger platforms, we tailor our approach to connect employers with professionals deeply immersed in the nuances of their field. Discover the power of a targeted community, where expertise meets opportunity, and your hiring needs find a home in an ecosystem designed for excellence. Here is the value we provide:

Specialization: Our job board caters to all roles within cloud/AI, utilizing industry standard categories and tags which allows for a more targeted approach for job seekers. Cost-Effectiveness: We offer very transparent pricing for posting job listings and accessing candidate databases compared to other job boards. We don’t mess with pay per click. Targeted Audience: Our board attracts candidates with the right skills and expertise, ensuring that job postings reach a more relevant audience.



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